Its time to awake Its time to awake

From the moment they were conceived in the mind of a writer, Bella and Griselda have been doomed to live out their days as mere characters in a book.

The Awakening is the story of their adventure, the story of two princesses who rebel against the canons of their fairy-tale world and set out in search of their dreams. On the way, they learn new lessons, discover their true selves, and inspire others to change.

The story of Bella and Griselda is the story of us all, of what we should do each and every day: open our eyes wide and live in accordance with what we are and what we feel, not with arbitrary conventions and mores. It is a charming, fun and defiant tale of friendship for anyone looking to cast off stereotypes and clichés and realize that we are so much more than the princes and princesses that populate the fiction of our childhoods and continue to be held up as role models even when we are adults.

The magic castle

Discover new worlds Discover new worlds

The fairy-tale world, Real World and Perfect World are some of the landscapes you will visit in the book. Friendship, freedom, doubt and rebelliousness shall be felt via the illustrations. Relive history with each of these images.

Illustration 1 Illustration 2 Illustration 3 Illustration 4 Illustration 5 Illustration 6 Illustration 7 Illustration 8 Illustration 9

Behind the words and color Behind the words and color

Silvia G. Guirado

Fond of imagining since little, she found her vocation and way of expression in writing. She studied Art History and Audiovisual Communications and has written Forgotten Colors and Inspiration Dormant and is Play the cat’s voice in the blog Historias de un gato.

Marta García Pérez

She discovered her love for pencils and colors in the drawing subject at school. She studied graphic design and, under the pseudonym Martuka illustrates everything she can and more. Contributed in Forgotten Colors and Inspiration Dormant ,and likes to kills time with crochet.

And behind the words and images we have a great team. David as creative director; Teo and his patience of a saint with the layout and gift for music; Carlos Ruiz giving real life to the images; Francesc designing and programming the web, which is a window into the world of our projects; Carlos Fort who helped with the final corrections; Núria, Desiree, Montse, Naiara, Merxe and Ferran who accompanied us and Efren directing this frescological team.

The Play Attitude commitment The Play Attitude commitment

The book was printed in El Tinter using 50% recycled paper, vegetable-oil-based inks and stochastic screening to reduce ink consumption and protect the environment. Additionally, 5% of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the NGO Children of India to help new generations in that country to pursue their goals and dreams.

The Awakening
Written by Silvia G. Guirado / Illustrated by Marta García Pérez
111 pp. full color, hard cover.
Dimensions: 23x29 cm.
Published by: Play Attitude
ISBN-13: 978-84-15149-30-9

Children of India

Tell a story Tell a story

Open your eyes, sharpen your ears and indulge and let Bella and Griselda guide yot into The Awakening, a story to enjoy it in all its formats. Through them you will live the most sincere adventure you've ever found in the pages of a book.

The Awakening

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Extras: Illustrator’s sketches and blog Extras: Illustrator’s sketches and blog

The illustrator’s sketches

See the early drawings that originated the illustrations and see the evolution towards the final result.

Sketch 1
Sketch 2
Sketch 3
Sketch 4
Sketch 5
Sketch 6
Sketch 7
Sketch 8

The Black Cat’s Blog

The Black Cat will unravel anecdotes, other content and news in his blog. Stay tuned!

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